Tips for Avoiding Break-Ins

How to Prevent Break-Ins

A break-in can be a terrifying experience. Here are a few things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

Lock your doors and windows

In recent area break-ins, windows or doors had been left unlocked overnight. While it’s often tempting to leave your windows open during the summer in order to cool down your home, an open window can be an invitation to a burglar. Always keep windows and doors closed and locked securely and don’t forget about your garage. Keep it locked as well.

All doors should be locked with a strong dead bolt and windows should be locked so that they cannot be tampered with from the outside. Window bars or gates are also a good idea. These physical security tools keep criminals out.

Don’t Advertise Valuables

Don’t place your valuables (such as TVs, computers or jewellery) in locations where they can easily be seen from the outside. This just encourages burglars and other criminals.

Get an Alarm System and Use It

An alarm system drastically cuts down on crime. Install an alarm system in your home and make sure that you activate it as needed. When you’re away from home, home alone or sleeping, turn on the alarm system. This will ensure that if anyone attempts to break into your home, an alarm will sound.  With some windows, they can be contacted in such a way so that they can be open slightly for venting while still be fully protected.

A monitored alarm system is the best choice for protecting your home. With a monitored alarm system, the central station is immediately notified if there is a crime in progress. The station can then contact you to inform you of the situation so that you can take appropriate action. The central station can even contact the authorities directly.

Use Lighting

Criminals like to commit crimes where no one will see them. Installing motion-activated lighting on your property takes these opportunities away from them. You may also want to use lighting inside your home to deter criminals. If you’re going to be away for a long period of time, set your lights on a timer. This will cause criminals to think that someone is home and they’ll likely avoid your property.

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