Monitored Smoke Detectors – Wireless

Why Choose Sinai Security Smoke Detectors?
Important information for youUnlike a battery operated smoke detector that you buy at a retail store or an electrical smoke detector that the builder installed into your home our smoke detectors are monitored by our Monitoring Station 24 hours a day notifying the Fire Dept. and your contacts that you provided to us at the time of your installation. If no one is home and a battery operated smoke detector or electrical operated smoke detector goes into alarm no one knows because no one is notified causing severe property loss. Even more important if someone is home and there is a fire you can be assured that our Monitoring Station will be calling the Fire Dept. for you so you can focus on your safety first.
If you don’t replace your battery in your Smoke Detector it will not work! If there is an electrical fire and the circuit breaker trips off for your electrical smoke detectors then they will not work! Power for your Smoke Detectors is a critical factor for your smoke detectors to work as intended. Not to worry because our Smoke Detectors are powered by our Security System which has its own back up Battery in the event of power failure due to a fire or an interruption from your power company. Stay safe and secure with our comprehensive professionally installed Security Systems that incorporate both Burglary & Fire into your customized Life Safety & Security System.


Now you don’t have to compromise  with your safety with our new Wireless Smoke Detectors that can be incorporated with any wireless or hybrid Security System.  Detector placement, especially in older residential homes are no longer a problem. Our wireless Smoke Detectors can be installed to maximize protection with minimal installation mess to your home’s structure. Faster, easier installation also means less on-site installer time – allowing you to get the for maximum protection while staying within your budget.

Reliability Assured
The combination of on-site alarms from the detectors PLUS the continuous communication
with our central monitoring station and emergency dispatch as required, we have your home or business covered from top to bottom. The detectors also transmit
important status messages to the central monitoring station such as battery conditions,tampering, malfunction supervision, and more.

Contemporary, Streamlined Design
Our Smoke Detectors have a sleek and contemporary look to inconspicuously blend into your home décor without compromising performance.
Safeguard your home or business by adding our Smoke Detectors to your wireless security system.

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