Fire Alarm Monitoring







Sinai Security Services provides Fire Alarm Monitoring Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our U.L.C listed monitoring company, we can provide complete monitoring coverage for your buildings Fire Protection Systems. A monitoring contract with Sinai Security Services provides peace of mind that your property and personnel are fully protected in any fire related situation.

In the event of fire alarm activation,  the fire alarm signal from the Fire Panel/Sprinkler simultaneously transmits the data to the local Fire Station via our Monitoring Station. When this occurs, the local Fire Station responds accordingly, and the Monitoring Station then contacts your nominated contact(s) as listed in our database to advise them of the incident.

To ensure reliability at all times, an automatic daily test is carried out to verify that both the Primary Link (telephone line) and Secondary Link (Cellular Network) remain connected, and that your system continues communicating with our Monitoring Station.

In the event of communication failure by one or both links, and/or if the Fire Indicator Panel is indicating a system fault, the Control Panel sends the fault to the Monitoring Station where we will contact you and your Call List immediately keeping you informed with the status of your Fire Alarm System.

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