Alarm Monitoring services

Sinai Security Services has partnered up with a.p.i. Alarm to offer our customers a premium 24 hour Emergency Response Centre. Equipped with a state of the art technology and a team of highly trained professional customer care representatives, the company provides security monitoring expertise with emphasis on protecting not only your property but the life of those most important to you – Your Family (for residential security) and Your Employees (for commercial Security). thereby giving you Peace of Mind – 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year. Currently protecting over one million Canadians from Coast to Coast.

Our Emergency Response Centre plays a very important role in delivering fast and efficient response to every alarm. With accurate emergency information on hand, they can determine your needs and send the appropriate response teams (Police, Fire, Medical) to any emergency at your home and business within seconds. As our customer, we do not only save lives and protect your property but we give you the best value for your money. Call (905) 731-3292 for the Greater Toronto Area to get Sinai Security Services for your alarm monitoring.

Quality Service, State of the Art Systems and Quality People

Response Time:
In an emergency, response time is critical. The Emergency Response Centre with their team of highly trained professionals can act quickly and provide you with fast, efficient and precise response by accurately determining the type of alarm signal received. Within seconds of an emergency, appropriate emergency response teams are dispatched to your home or business.

The Emergency Response Centre, equipped with state of the art technology can accurately interpret and record each signal received and with a database of confidential customer account information within their fingertips, can rapidly relay vital information to the appropriate authorities.

Our Station meets Underwriters Laboratories strict requirements for ULC listing. This ensures consistent compliance with ULC standards for response time, staffing requirements, computerized alarm response procedures and around the clock monitoring. ULC listing means the latest monitoring capabilities – with backup power and communication systems for prompt response even in total power failure.

Our Emergency Response Facility employees highly trained professionals and is equipped with a sophisticated communication system for fast, reliable response to any alarm received to meet the needs of yourself and the community.

It all sums up to one of our motto’s:

“Affordable Quality With A Commitment To Service Since 1987”