Network Cabling

Home and Business Networking

What is Network Cabling?
Do you require a computer network installation? Let Sinai Security Services assist you in setting up a reliable communications network infrastructure. The most common use of Home/Business Networking is the linking of two or more computers and their peripherals in your home or office. A network permits you to share a single printer or scanner between PCs, access the same files from different PCs and backup all computers with ease. With networking, all your PCs can share a single High Speed Internet connection. Any number of people in the house can be online with no interference between them. Home network offers not only convenience, but saves the cost of hardware and software and reduces the number of costly phone lines and connections to internet providers. The value of these savings alone may cover the network installation costs or even exceed them.

When Do I Install Network Cabling?
The Ideal time to install a home network is while your home is being built or under construction. It is easier and less expensive to run all the cabling throughout your home before the walls are finished.

Do you do Homes & Business Cabling?
We Professionally install Commercial and/or Residential applications. We will provide you with a complete solution for your specific needs. Beginning with a free site survey, we will bring you affordable ideas and help plan for the future. There are no two installations that are the same and we will come up with the perfect solution for your needs every time. We maintain a close relationship with you and work with your IT professional to bring you the solution that is best for you and your budget. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a comprehensive warranty on all network wiring that we install.

Do you just do Computer wiring?
We can professionally install Cable Television Cabling, Phone Lines, pre-wiring for Security Alarm Systems and CCTV Video Systems.

After you complete the cabling, who does the terminations?
We can terminate all of your cable runs with elegant wall plates for your phones, internet and cable TV. We will also supply and professionally install a switch for all your internet connections to provide you with a comprehensive home/business Network.

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